Soulja's Story

This shop was created to support Adia Richardson, A young roller derby athlete who has made the Junior Roller Derby Association’s USA World Cup Female Team. She trained consistently for three years and nine months to achieve this accolade, and we could not be more proud of her. The World Cup tournament will take place in Valence, France this July. In order for Adia to make this trip, her and her family must finance both the transportation needed to get to France and the various practices she will have to attend across the country, as well as uniform, lodging, and food costs.

We have created this shop in order to offset some of the costs associated with this trip. We are selling Soulja Crab themed merchandise, as Soulja Crab is Adia’s derby name. These original and lively designs represent Adia’s personality both in life and on the derby track. We hope that with your support, we can make Adia’s dream come true.